Welcome to #CADElife

By Carissa Twohy 29 Nov, 2017
CADE designs was born out of a desire to be creative and use that to help others. For those who know me, I have always had to have some creative outlet in life. From small business ventures here and there, to designing and creating, the various hobbies and projects over the years have finally landed me here. My hopes for CADE designs is to take things to the next level, to CADElife...a lifestyle that encompasses creativity, honors God and others, and brings something back to the community we're all a part of. In a world that is confusing and chaotic at times, the message here is simple...create and design, effortlessly, exquisitely, energetically, elegantly...however you choose. So snap a picture and share how you are living your #CADElife along with me :) 

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